About this blog

These days I’m not able to spend as much time as I would like on setting up and maintaining badger websites. But from time to time I would like to share my observations of badgers and other wildlife, the countryside, and badger protection issues. Creating a blog here at WordPress, a ready-made web publishing platform, seemed like a good way of doing this.

How often I will blog is something we will find out over the coming months. Knowing me, there will times when I blog often, and times when I won’t say much at all. Hopefully when I do add words and pictures here, they will be worth reading and looking at.

There are those who believe that a blog is not truly a blog unless readers are given the opportunity to comment. I’m not going to get too hung up on definitions, though I would point out that ‘blog’ is short for weblog, a personal log maintained on the web, and that’s exactly what I intend this to be. That aside, time constraints mean that I’m simply not in a position to deal with moderating and responding to comments on this blog. What I am beginning to do now however, is to provide a forum for comments and discussion about these blog entries over at The Badger Message Board.

One final thing: although I blog here under the name Brockwatcher, and I am Badger Conservation Officer for Brockwatch (the badger protection group for Northampton and South West Northants), the views I express here are my own and not necessarily those of Brockwatch.