A summer evening’s walk

It’s a grey old day today, but things were very different three years ago…

18 July 2007. Following heavy showers earlier today, it looked like the weather would hold for a beautiful summer evening’s walk. I decided on a favourite route of mine which I had not done for quite some time, my ‘Oxfordshire border walk’. I was treated to some fine views of Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire countryside, plus sightings of a hare, badger tracks, a buzzard, various wildflowers and some ripening cereals and fruits. Here are a few of the photos I took along the way.

Oxfordshire countryside (and sheep) near the start of my walk.

Further on, the path ran through a field of barley
before heading uphill towards a farm house.

Ripening apples in the hedgerow alongside the road to the farm house.

Further along the same road, common comfrey or knitbone was in flower. The alternative name dates from the Middle Ages when the plant was used as a remedy for broken bones.

Chamomile or mayweed growing as an agricultural
‘weed’ on the edge of a wheatfield.

The sun sets near the end of the walk.

he sChamomile or mayweed growing as an agricultural ‘weed’ on the edge of a wheatfield
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1 Response to A summer evening’s walk

  1. Flo Fflach says:

    love the comfrey and mayweed pictures. beautiful light. hmm it rains and it rains and it rains … sometimes only nuicance rain. where has the sun gone? the starry night sky? the west is grey wrapped. lovley to see sunny images.

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