The innocents

Beneath a cloak of Spring’s bright green
Sweet-smelling bluebells all around
Is where Old Brock has always been
Hidden safely underground

Into the evening’s sounds and scents
Protective mother close behind
Two small cubs, two innocents
Emerge to see what they can find

Too young to fear or have a care
The cubs explore and play a game
They romp and gambol unaware
Of things for which their kind are blamed

To kill these creatures makes no sense
All plans to cull should surely cease
Why can’t these precious innocents
Be left to live their lives in peace?

As you can see from the photos, my visit to the woodland sett last night was more than a bit special. Watching young badger cubs is always a delight, especially when they come to within a couple of metres as these two did. There was also a third, larger cub, the offspring of another sow at the sett. After watching and photographing the cubs for a while, I left the sett and drove to the wood where the setts had been blocked up earlier this year. Despite another close encounter with a muntjac deer who proceeded to bark in alarm, I managed to watch a badger cub near the main sett, foraging amongst the bluebells, for ten minutes or so. Then, on the way home, I spied a small grey shape moving along the side of the road: another badger cub, who was soon off through the roadside hedge.

To see all these beautiful new cubs was a pleasure and a privilege. My joy however is tinged with sadness at the thought of all those cubs, and their parents and cousins, who are destined to be killed in Wales – and in England too if the new Agriculture Minister James Paice carries out his pre-election pledge to ‘cull’ badgers. Please check out the following links and do what you can to stop the slaughter of the innocents.

Badger TrustSave The BadgerPembrokeshire Against the CullViva!

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