A badger bonanza

Secret World Wildlife Rescue Centre in Somerset is the place to be this coming Easter weekend, as the centre opens to visitors for its annual Badger Bonanza. Admission is free, but visitors are asked to make donations to help Secret World meet the enormous costs involved in rescuing, caring for and releasing all manner of wild animals and birds.

To give you some idea of what you might see at Secret World, here are some photos which I took during the 2007 Badger Bonanza.

Every year, Secret World cares for up to 50 orphaned badger cubs. Some of the youngsters are brought out twice daily over the Badger Bonanza Weekend for visitors to see.

If any of the cubs show signs of distress while being displayed to their adoring public, they are taken back indoors. However I think you will agree that this sleepy little Brock is far from being stressed out!

Badgers are not the only babies being cared for by Secret World. Orphaned fox cubs are also reared and released, so you might get to see one.

Not all of the creatures who are taken in by Secret World get to be released; some, like this fox, would not be able to survive in the wild and so live out their days at the centre.

This female kestrel had been reared from a chick by someone who did not know how to feed her properly, and she did not grow to her full size. She would not be able to breed in the wild and so remained in captivity at Secret World, where she was cared for properly.

Finally, one of the most stunning creatures who I photographed during the Badger Bonanza Weekend of 2007 (besides the badgers of course!) was this rescued eagle owl.

So, if you are within travelling distance of Secret World (which is situated off the A38 near Highbridge in Somerset) and looking for something to do over Easter, get along to the Badger Bonanza!

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