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A badger bonanza

Secret World Wildlife Rescue Centre in Somerset is the place to be this coming Easter weekend, as the centre opens to visitors for its annual Badger Bonanza. Admission is free, but visitors are asked to make donations to help Secret … Continue reading

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Springing forward

With the clocks going forward an hour for British Summer Time today, badger watching also moves forward an hour. Unless of course the badgers have changed their clocks too. I must admit that thought did cross my mind shortly after … Continue reading

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To cull or not to cull

As I reported last weekend, this week’s court case in Swansea was a matter of life and death for badgers in Wales. To cull or not to cull, that is the question which Mr Justice Lloyd-Jones must now decide upon, … Continue reading

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What a difference a week makes

Last Sunday, while out checking badger setts, I was beginning to wonder if spring would ever arrive. To be sure, winter had loosened its icy grip. Robins, wrens, yellowhammers, blackbirds, thrushes and great tits were singing their hearts out and … Continue reading

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A matter of life and death

“I don’t believe it. Prove it to me, and I still won’t believe it.” These words were written by the late Douglas Adams, author of the Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. However they could just as easily have been … Continue reading

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Return of the Brockwatcher

Last summer I enjoyed some amazing badger watching evenings at a woodland sett here in West Northamptonshire. The sett was home to a rather large number of cubs (eight to be precise, most likely from three separate litters); watching and … Continue reading

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Badger family fortunes

When yesterday’s grey, dismal morning turned into a sunny Saturday afternoon, I decided to go out and check up on some local badger setts. My destination was a wood where I saw my very first badger 33 years ago, when … Continue reading

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