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From the archives: Highs and lows of a Brockwatcher

February 2007 Life as a Brockwatcher certainly has its plus points. Releasing badgers back into the wild after rescuing them is definitely a high. Filming a badger watch with former ‘Bond Girl’ Fiona Fullerton for a TV programme a few … Continue reading

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Bovine TB myth #1

Those who call for badgers to be culled to eradicate bovine TB (bTB) in cattle regularly justify their demands with a number of endlessly repeated arguments which are, to be frank, complete and utter tosh. These myths, as I will … Continue reading

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From the archives: Life on the Edge

February 2007 Today I headed over into Warwickshire for a long overdue visit to Edge Hill. Last time I walked there it was late summer, cows were grazing the fields and there were butterflies to be seen. Now there are … Continue reading

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Blocked up

Saturday February 20. A sunny day with snow on the ground and clear roads. Ideal conditions for going out to check on some of my local badger setts to see what the resident Brocks had been up to. Little did … Continue reading

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